Award winning support for people who are Deaf in the London & South East Region

Award winning Deaf Umbrella – London and the South-East’s premier provider of communications support for deaf people

Deaf Umbrella has specialised in supplying top-quality Communications Support Workers (CSW’s) and Interpreters to people who are deaf in education and the workplace since 2000. We believe we are the best in the field. If you are an education provider or employer who needs support for a deaf person, we guarantee:

  • Quality: the best staff and the highest professional standards
  • Accountability: a fully-audited service
  • Peace of mind: reliability, flexibility and the security of full legal compliance

If you are an employee, we promise:

  • An award-winning commitment to professionalism and professional development
  • Excellent pay and conditions and a supportive community

Work for us gives full details on recruitment and job opportunities. Our mission is to maximise communications and opportunities for people who are deaf and to promote the highest standards for language service professionals.

Our Training page provides more information on training opportunities supported by Deaf Umbrella for both deaf people and language service professionals, as well as training offered to businesses working with people who are deaf.

At Deaf Umbrella, our work with the deaf community is more than a business. We are big supporters of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. We have run, walked and had tea to raise funds.

We are sponsors of Deaf Unity and Adept; previously ACSW&NATED.

We support news and information providers to the deaf community, Limping Chicken, and Deaf-UK.

Read the Deaf Umbrella blog for more comments and stories on the deaf and hearing worlds.

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Great feedback for Rula with her hearing dog

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